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    LMI - Leipziger Messe International GmbH, Leipzig, GERMANY


    Leipziger Messe International (LMI) was established in 1990 as a fair marketing and exhibition company (DMA). The LMI team puts their heads together with experts to match customers’ special needs and the specific conditions of foreign markets and offer full service one-stop shopping packages from conceptualization and consultation right down to communication, launch, logistics and post-production. LMI’s extensive range of services is emblematic for successful presentations at fairs and other events.

    LMI guides official German joint events abroad and projects independently planned and organized with local partners. They also project and launch their own fair events abroad focusing on Eastern Europe/Russia and China/South-Eastern Asia.

    LMI has been working in joint efforts with international fair organizers and fair venues all over the world for years and their exhibitors take advantage of their experience to guarantee the best possible presentation for their products abroad.

    One of the main competences of the LMI is culture heritage preservation, since the Leipziger Messe organizes the denkmal Leipzig, Europe’s leading trade fair for restoration. Additionally LMI organizes the denkmal Russia-Moscow.


    LMI - Leipziger Messe International GmbH
    Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig, Germany
    Mr. Ulrich Briese, Exhibition Director
    Mrs. Jana Muehler, Exhibition Manager

    Phone: +49 341 678-7919
    Fax: +49 341 678-7912
    Email: j.muehler@LM-international.com

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