Product Range

1. Restoration and Conservation

Services, Materials, Tools and Equipment (Sections 1-3)

1.1 Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art and the Moveable Heritage

Archaeological treasures; Photography and modern data recording; Glass, ceramics and related materials; Wooden objects with coated surfaces; Wooden objects with treated surfaces; Canvas paintings; Metal objects; Paper; Stone objects; Industrial heritage Objects; Textiles; Mural painting and architectural paint, organical matters

1.2 Construction Equipment, Tools and Machines

Tools and equipment for the construction Industry; Lasers for construction, laser technology; Measuring tools for the construction industry; Hand tools and builders equipment; Geodetic instruments; Scaffolding, hoists, working platforms; Laboratory design, laboratory fittings and analysis; Measuring and analysis equipment; Optical test equipment, specialist optics

1.3 Instruments and Tools

Paint and other brushes; Specialist tools (e.g. carving tools, gilder's knives, polishing agates, specialist needles, stucco and scratch work tools), museum technique / tools

1.4 Technical Equipment for Preservation and Restoration Work

Health and safety equipment; Air conditioning equipment; Lighting; Measuring equipment; Optical tools; Specialist tools and furniture

2. Construction Companies in Heritage Preservation and Restoration: Services, Materials and Equipment

2.1 Trades for Building Conservation

2.1.1 Construction and Conversion

Roofers; Electricians; Screed flooring contractors; Tilers, pavers and mosaic artists; Gas and water engineers; Glaziers; Painters, varnishers, church painters; Stonemasons and sculptors; Stucco plasterers; Carpenters, brick layer, concrete worker

2.1.2 Woodworking Trades

Turners; Wood carvers; Model makers; Joiners

2.1.3 Metalworking Trades

Engravers; Metalworkers; Locksmiths; Blacksmiths

2.1.4 Glass and Ceramic Trades

Glass and porcelain painters; Glass finishers/Glass painters

2.2 Construction and Renovation Materials

2.2.1 Construction Materials

Roofing tiles, pantiles, shingles, stone slates; Glass; Resins; Timber and veneers; Wood-block and concrete paving; Ceramic wall and floor tiles, architectural ceramics; Synthetic stone; Synthetic materials; Bricks, clinker; Metals; Mineral materials; Mosaic tiles; Natural materials; Natural stone; Renders, plasters and systems; Special glass; Terracotta

2.2.2 Building Chemicals and Protective Agents

Paint removers; Waterproofing/stabilisation agents; Binders and aggregates; Techno chemical supplies; Insulating materials and insulation systems; Sealing compounds; Paints and varnishes; Laminates; Adhesives; Timber preservation agents; Impregnation/water-repellent agents; Glues and mortars; Anti-corrosion agents; Stone substitutes and reproduction materials

2.2.3 Building Components and Equipment

Balconies, balustrades; Fastenings and ties; Roofing elements and accessories; Ceilings; Facades; Windows; Floors; Clocks, Bells, Locks and ironmongery; Plaster mouldings; Stairs; Doors and gates; Fences

2.2.4 Reclaimed, historic building materials

2.2.5 Instruments, Tools and Technical Equipment for Restorers

3. Preservation and Repair of Cultural Monuments and Historic Buildings

3.1 Preservation and Repair Techniques and Processes

Stabilisation of building foundations, repair of foundations; Bronzing; Roof repair and renovation; Ceiling repair; Facade repair; Window repair; Flooring repair; Galvanising techniques; Timber construction; Innovative measures; Laminating; Wrought ironwork; Surface treatment; Stairs and staircase renovation; Anti-damp measures; Door renovation; Glazing; Gilding; Silvering

3.2 Cleaning Techniques and Technology

Cleaning materials; Cleaning equipment; Techniques and technology for cleaning facades and buildings

4. Reconstruction (New Construction)

Construction of buildings which are modelled historical

5. Archaeological Conservation of Sites, Remains and Graves

Saturated wood conservation; Excavation techniques; Scientific prospecting methods; Plasma restoration, Grave Recovery and Heritage Protection

6. Garden and Landscape Conservation

Garden design and maintenance; Landscape design and parks maintenance; Road and path construction; Street and park furniture; Internal and external supporting walls, Castles and Palaces which are corres¬ponding to the surrounding parks, gardens and nature

7. Town and Village Renewal

8. Museum Technique as well as Technique for Public and Private Heritage, Churches, Libraries and Archives

8.1 Security Technology and Protective Measures

Building security; Security services; Fire protection; Anti-corrosion measures; Light protection and shading; Vermin and pest control; Protective measures for valuable objects; Transport and packaging

8.2 Fittings

Archive equipment; Storage, storage systems and storage technology; Stock room equip¬ment; Furniture; Museum equipment and furniture; Workshop equipment and technology; Display cabinets, Museum shops, Air Conditioning, Light systems, Media Technique, Intake and Guidance Systems

9. Computer Systems and Software, Documentation, Inventory, Scientific Methods of Examination

10. Public Authorities, Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Government Departments, Foundations, Associations, Museums, Palaces; temples

11. Collectors and Antique Markets

12. Specialist Publishing Houses, Specialist Literature

13. Training and Further Education Institutions

14. Tourism and Heritage Conservation

15. Services

Architects, Engineers, Specialist Conservation Services, Building Consultants; Construction damage analysis; Property developers and redevelopment agencies; Finance; Research and development; Expert services; Landscape design; Patents and licensing; Project management; Housing estate planning; Insurance; Maintenance